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Vida and Bandit enjoying the free run boarding!

A Pet Service- without the worry!

We are an animal loving, dog rescuing family who absolutely love what we do! We have extensive and referenced experience in all kinds of dog and pet care. From large dogs to tiny puppies, we are comfortable and able to care for each and every kind of pet, matching their unique and individual needs as necessary. We have experience in medication administration, both oral and injectable.. We have raised puppies and trained older dogs too..... we have 4 of our own at home! :)

We also have a facebook page with plenty of reviews and pictures of each and every visit, take a look around and really get a feel of how much fun your pet can have with us!!

Doggy Daycare

Let your pup spend their day with us where they can play as much as they want while you are out and about!

Home Environment and Cage free Boarding

Stress-free, Cage free and in home boarding.......exactly what they are used to!

Dog Walking

Does your pup need exercise? Does your daily routine mean that they aren't always able to get that exercise? No worries! Our 30 minute walking slots are a pawfect way for your furry babies to get just what they need!

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