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Pixie Paws - The Happy Dog Service

We've loved every minute of our journey

We have rescued neglected dogs, fostered kittens and scooped up strays out of harms way. After a dog is rescued they never want to be out of a safe and homely environment. Pixie Paws isn't a dog kennel, we have no cages, no restrictions and most importantly...lots of love and cuddles! The things that make your dog feel secure are what we base each stay on -

  • Continued routine (feeding times and diet requirements)
  • Open house policy- no cages
  • Exercise- fenced in yard
  • Friends to play with
  • Love and affection
  • Frequent potty breaks
  • Walks and new smells
  • and treats!

Happy Customers!

Check out our testimonial page! We have many, many happy tails and parents who will vouch for our service. We aren't a kennel, we are a vacation for your pets.......their very own home away from home!

Why Us?

Our passion for animals is at the heart of our great care and attentative service. From our knowledge to our experience, we are truly here for you and your pets! Each household is different, each pet is unique and we can tailor to you to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet which will leave you feeling de-stressed and happy to enjoy your time away!

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